Cartoon Penguin

a cute cartoon penguin

This cartoon penguin design was created for an upcoming kids' game here at Random Games. I thought it was a bit too cute to sit on my hard drive until the game got done so I added this design to a range of T-shirts, mugs, ties, buttons, fridge magnets and more and it's proven to be quite a hit with penguin fans.

If you're looking to buy a gift for someone who's nuts about penguins then check out the full range of fantastic personalisable penguin gifts at the Random Games Shop.

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Cartoon Penguin Gifts

All products from the Random Games Shop can be completely personalised. You decide where the design is placed and the style, colour and size of the product. You can even add your own designs, photos and text in hundreds of fonts and colours.

The featured merchandise below is only a glimpse of the full range of possibilities. Visit the Random Games Shop now to create your perfect cartoon penguin gift!

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