Halloween Cartoon Skull: Boney Ed

halloween cartoon skull - boney ed

In 1889 infamous experimental surgeon Dr. Edward "Butcher" Jenkins died and in his last Will & Testament left bizarre instructions that would confound his estate's executors for over 100 years. His dying wish was this: his head was to be removed from his corpse and interred in a vault in the Bank of England until the year 2006 at which time it was to be exhumed and bequeathed to an artisan who was to render the Doctor's skull in his favoured caricature style. This posthumous portrait was then to be conducted via electricity to a world-wide inter-network of calculating machines whereupon it was to be incorporated into an exciting range of Halloween gifts and apparel to be purchased by celebrators of the macabre thereby achieving the Doctor's ambition of eternal life through global consumerism. I present to you the "Boney Ed" collection. Don't let The Butcher down.

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