Halloween Cartoon Frankenstein: Uncle Frank

halloween cartoon frankenstein - uncle frank

Popularly referred to as Frankenstein this unearthly fusion of unfettered science, powerful energy and a dead bloke is regarded throughout the world as a bit scary. As many will cease to tell you the moniker Frankenstein is actually a misnomer, citing the fact that the monster is really only the creation of one Dr. Frankenstein and therefore should more accurately be referred to as Dr. Frankenstein's Monster. However, this elucidation does not address the original problem of what Dr. Frankenstein's Monster was called by those that knew him; for it seems unlikely that a renowned, crazed scientist would address his own creation as "my monster." A recent discovery finally puts the subject to rest. According to notes recorded in Dr. Frankenstein's original journal it is now known with some degree of uncertainty that the Doctor referred to his abominable creation as: Uncle Frank.

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