Halloween Cartoon Bats: Eek! Bats!

halloween cartoon bats - eek! bats!

Bats were invented in 1906 by deranged Dutch artist Jan van Hoek. An otherwise accomplished painter van Hoek constantly struggled to paint birds and fabricated the bat out of frustration. Over the next several years he embellished his fictional creatures with supernatural powers such as blindness, squeaking and the ability to listen to your thoughts by way of their over-sized ears. Today, bat believers perpetuate van Hoek's myth by claiming thousands of sightings, reams of scientific evidence and actual live specimens. Bat sceptics dismiss these ludicrous claims by reference to Sea-Horse fanatics who continually claim to have similar, irrefutable proof. As if a horse could live underwater. The " Eek! Bats!" Halloween collection has been painstakingly designed to appeal to both bat believers and bat sceptics. Which are you?

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Bat T-shirts & Gifts

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