w3.usa.siemens.com: Intelligent Infrastructure – Siemens USA
Description: Siemens has the solutions to ensure an intelligent infrastructure in the U.S., from efficient buildings and sustainable mobility, to energy resiliency.
w3.wisintl.com: WIS International - Inventory Counting Services
Description: WIS International is a leading provider of outsourced inventory data collection, verification, merchandising and analysis services to customers globally.
w31.one.lt: ONE.LT - tai vieta, kur susitinka geriausi draugai, įdomiausios pažintys, linksmiausi žaidimai bei aktualiausios naujienos.
Description: One.lt - tai vieta, kur susitinka geriausi draugai, įdomiausios pažintys, linksmiausi žaidimai bei aktualiausios naujienos. Nesvarbu kokie orai, One Jums pateiks naujausias bei aktualiausias žinias. One.lt - tavo geriausias draugas!
w33kn.com: W33k'n : démarrez votre semaine simplement
Description: Calendrier, semaines, vacances scolaires, fêtes, lune, news ...
w3award.com: W³ Awards | Recognizing the Power of Web Creativity
w3body.com: Women's Workout & Wellness - Chicago-area Fitness Gyms For Women
Description: Chicago Fitness for Women by Women's Workout & Wellness. W3 is Chicago's premier women's only gym.
w3clove.com: Site Validator
Description: Site-wide markup validation tool. Validate the markup of your whole site with just one click.
w3counter.com: W3Counter: Free Web Stats and Visitor Counter
w3fools.com: W3Fools – Better web education for all
Description: We hope to get proper documentation resources to developers. W3Schools doesn't cut it.
w3j.com: W3J.Com: Journals, Plans, Papers & Documentation
Description: W3J.Com provides resources and materials to support corporate and IT governance.
w3newspapers.com: World Newspapers and Magazines Online
Description: Directory of world newspapers, magazines, news sites, and newspaper publishers sorted by country
w3resource.com: Web development tutorials | w3resource
Description: Web development tutorials on HTML, CSS, JS, PHP, SQL, MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDb, JSON and more.
w3school.com: Mega site of Bible Information
w3school.com.cn: w3school 在线教程
Description: 全球最大的中文 Web 技术教程。
w3schools.com: W3Schools Online Web Tutorials
w3schools.in: W3schools Online Quality Education
Description: W3schools Free Tutorials, Reference and Examples. Learn C Programming, C++, PHP, DBMS, SQL, MySQL, Java, jQuery, Photoshop, HTML, CSS, XML, JSON and R Programming.
w3schools.invisionzone.com: W3Schools Forum
w3techcourses.com: Training Direct from W3C
Description: The W3C offers a number of online training courses through this portal. All courses follow a similar format: weekly modules include 'lectures' (i.e. instructive texts), usually with links to further resources, as well as some sort of activity. This might be a quiz or a Tutor Marked Assignment. A discussion forum allows participants to discuss the course with each other and with the instructors. Instructors are always either some of those involved directly with the creation of the relevant W3C standard or others who have a close association. Participants can expect to spend 2 - 3 hours per week on the course when running.