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Description: Lilù Handbags - Lilù handtassen - Lilù sacs à main
Description: In the summer 2004, the exciting new belgian brand lilu was launched on the market. Their passion for beautiful natural leathers and sophisticated details drive emmanuelle adam and veerle van bever to design and develop their handbag collection each season. This collection of timeless, beautifully hand crafted handbags are created from gorgeously sensual leathers and produced in their atelier in brussels. The designers scoured the globe to source the best calf leather, suede and nappa and design handbags that would suit the lives of modern, fashion-savvy women. These eye-catching bags come in a variety of contemporary colors and the interiors are also made from leather. They contain a mobile phone compartment as well as a zipped pocket perfect for those with busy lifestyles. Lilù arm-candy would suit a vivacious yet sophisticated woman who wants to make an individual fashion statement.
Description: Information France Homepage
Description: French guide to tourist and holiday destinations Derby, KS - Official Website
Description: Home

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